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Forms and Application Guidelines

New Application Forms and Documents

Research Protocol Checklist Form Required for all new applications to provide a brief explanation of research protocol.
Approval Form for Involving Human Subjects in Research Required for all new applications for ethical review of research involving human subjects.
Documents Checklist Helping to ensure the completion of all documents required for new applications.
Supplement for Disclosure of Financial Interest Required to disclose financial interest to all research personnel who have a financial interest in research.
Waiver or Alteration of Informed Consent Request Required to apply for exemption or alteration of informed consent elements.


Guidelines for Filling Application Form

KEP LPEM FEB UI provides a guideline that can be used to fill the forms and documents required in submitting an application to involve human subjects in research.


How to Use the Guideline

  1. This document is designed to be opened while filling out your application form.
  2. This document is written with the name and section number corresponding to the application form to make it easier for you to see a particular section.


Investigator Responsibilities

  1. Applicants should carefully observe all relevant KEP guidelines. KEP guidelines can be accessed on the KEP Website: Guidelines.
  2. In filling a form, investigator should explain clearly and concisely, and unnecessary or repetitive information should be avoided.


Download the Guideline here: Guidelines for Filling Application Form.