Common Mistakes in Application

Please note the following common mistakes before you submit an ethical approval application:

  1. Incomplete instruments for data collection

Please send all the instruments for each type of data collection you are going to do (e.g. collecting interview survey instruments and online survey questionnaires if you are going to do both).

KEP can not process the application before the investigators complete all the data collection instruments.


  1. Using old application forms

Please use the latest version of the forms and guidelines available on the KEP website: Forms and Guidelines.


  1. Using Sample Informed Consent FormĀ  as informed consent template

Applicants can only use the Sample Informed Consent Form as a reference (not a template). Please adjust the informed consent to your study needs.


  1. Not making a Personnel list document

For new application, investigators are required to submit a Personnel list document which contains all individuals (PI, Co-PI, assistant, etc.) who will be involved in the study.


  1. Inconsistency of Information between Forms

Please fill in the information in each form consistently.


For example: The researcher explains that there will be a video-recording on the Application Form but it is not explained in the Informed Consent and Research Protocol Checklist Form.